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Stainless Steel Vent Plugs
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    Stainless Steel Vent Plugs
    Stainless Steel Vent Plugs with waterproof and breathable membrane

    1. Thread: M12X1.5
    2. Material: e-PTFE with stainless steel
    3. Size: standard size ,customer’s size is available
    4. Characteristic: waterproof, dustproof, breathable
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    Application Area

      1. LED outdoor lighting industry

      2. Automotive manufacturing industry

      3. Solar photovoltaic industry

      4. Electronics and electrical equipment industry

      5. Communications equipment industry

      6. Security equipment industry, etc.



      1. Ensure that the mounting surface clean, no oil stain, no dust and no other pollutants, flat, vertical surface

      2. Should be screwed up by sleeve, mounting torque is 10~15kgf.cm


    Technical parameter and characteristic Test data
    Waterproof level IP65 IP66 IP67 IP68
    Material reference PSM1215065DT PSM1215066AT PSM1215067CT PSM1215068BT
    Air permeable capacity 2000-3500ml/min@7kpa 900-2200ml/min@7kpa 700-1200ml/min@7kpa 100-350ml/min@7kpa
    Size of minimum passing matter ≤5UM ≤3UM ≤0.45UM ≤0.02UM
    Temperature resistance -40℃~120℃
    Flame retardant rating UL 94V-0
    Anti-corrosive property PH:1~14
    Color Natural color
    Mounting mode Through hole: ø11.8~12.2mm/threaded hole: M12×1.5
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